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Extreme SEAL Adventures gets Blessed.

Extreme SEAL Adventures was literally blessed by Air Force Colonel James Hamel recently. James is a fan of Phony Navy SEAL of the Week and recognized Diane and me during a trip to Miami last year. James introduced us to his travel companion Cardinal Edwin Frederick O’Brien who served in Vietnam as a Paratrooper.

I was flattered beyond words but even more so the next day when James texted me and said the Cardinal enjoyed a few of my Fake SEAL videos!

James has been a Catholic Priest for 25 years and has served in the Air Force for 17. James spent a weekend at Extreme SEAL Adventures during a trip he made to Washington. And he brought a beautiful gift from the Cardinal for us.

James is an easy going guy and very easy to talk to and is a pretty decent shotgun shooter. We hope James can come again for some Goose and Duck Hunting this year.

Warrior just turned three months old. A beautiful White Labrador Retriever, I’m training Warrior myself for hunting and he’s doing exceptionally well. A good dog is a MUST here as I spent so much time last year running for the boat every time somebody downed a bird.

I vowed last year to dramatically improve the farm for hunting. 2016 was a good year for our first year but it wasn’t great. The problem was the crops planted when we bought the place. Soybeans and the fields were picked clean by the guy farming the place leaving little for waterfowl.

THIS YEAR… The entire property has been planted in Milo, Japanese Millet, Sunflowers and Wheat and NONE of it will be harvested, it’s all for the Deer, Turkeys, Doves, Ducks and Geese.

All the crops are doing exceptionally well and I expect an excellent hunting season this year.   

The property is beautiful…