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My Extreme SEAL Adventures Blog begins July 1st, 2017. Next month will be our one year mark in Maryland and we’ve hosted seven wounded guys so far and hosted our first wounded family last week with great success. Our learning curve hosting guys and families hasn’t been steep. That’s what Diane and I did for so many years at Extreme SEAL "Experience" in Virginia.

The real learning curve has been figuring out the many possibilities of making the most out of the property.

What have I discovered? I’ve discovered that not pushing hard last year by not making big changes to the existing property hunting wise was a good thing. I needed that year to watch and learn. I needed to get through an entire duck and goose season to learn what the birds do here every year before I make changes and we had an excellent season last year.

What else? I quickly discovered that even though I’d never hunted Turkeys before that I’m damn good at it and we did well during the May Spring Gobbler season. I also knew that it wasn’t much worth the charity donation expense to fly guys in to kill a single Turkey but Turkey season coincided with Trophy Striped Bass season here so I bought a very nice Grady White boat. I figured I’d get guys in for a few days of fishing and hunting to make the trip worth while but that didn’t happen.

The boat broke before I even launched it...

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it was in the back of my mind. So was the many times as a SEAL I’d been in big trouble on the water.
While she test run very well I decided to have the engines professionally serviced and a simple bolt was wrung off in the manifold. As strange as it sounds that one bolt, on one of the two engines, put both engines down until replacements can be afforded. Sucks...

We needed two tests of the property and accomplished both recently. One was having a large group down and the other was hosting a family with kids. In Diane and my past experiences this was crucial.

The large group came in the form of our two nephews and four of their buddies who spent five days lounging, golfing and fishing here and the property handled them very well so were all set for larger groups.

The second came this week as our wounded family; a SEAL and his family we knew well, came with their 8 and 9 year old sons and new born baby. 4 and a half days later they left rested and had a great time fishing, crabbing, riding the jet ski, mini-bike and 4x4s. Most of their time was spent in the pool. The kids had constant activities the left the adults alone and the barn/apartment was more than comfortable.

Our biggest accomplishment so far are the crops.

I honored the former owners deal with a local farmer even though I didn’t like it last year. What I had to deal with was fields picked clean of soybeans and crop planted impoundments that had more cockleburs than they did crops.

This year the farm has been professionally planted with large strips of Sorghum and Millet for the ducks, geese and turkeys. None of it will be harvested. It’s all for the birds we hunt. We also planted a couple acres of Sunflowers for Dove season in September and food plots for the Deer.

What’s next? We have a couple months of summer left for a few families and our hunting season kicks off September 1st for Dove.

Please send any recommendations for wounded vets from all the services and also families with children with cancer and other afflictions no child should have to endure.

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