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Leukemia at age 11

Dillon Kincaid’s mother contacted me and explained Dillon ate and slept SEAL Team and Navy SEAL Training and was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia at age 11.

We tried for months to get Dillon down to help out with a Hell Night, but constant setbacks from lengthy hospital stays had everyone frustrated, especially Dillon. A day out from the September Hell Night, Dillon had his cammie pants pressed and boots shined for the Navy SEAL Training course here. Late the evening before the September course started, Dillon was being rushed to the hospital again, and much disappointment followed.

Finally, he showed up for the October course and fit in well with all the guys. Dillon acted as an instructor and mastered the bullhorn. He seemed to begin running his own training later in the evening as he sent a steady stream of trainees into the cold water for poor performances, and reminded each man that "Its only water, you SISSIES."

Hand 2 Hand Training, shooting weapons, and a very cool helo ride with his dad, Dillon left early Sunday morning after a long day and night here.

We look forward to having him back, but some of the poor performers will cringe seeing him approaching again with that bullhorn.

Don Shipley

Dear Don, Diane, D], Ben, & Luke

I appreciate you letting me come to your class. That was the most fun I have ever had. I have dreamed about being a seal for as long as I can remember. I trained hard for two years with my dad before I was diagnosed with leukemia. I guess one of the things all this has taught me is that even though all the training I did before seems at times like it was just a waste, I realize that its merely a bump in the road because as soon as I’m done kicking cancer’s butt I will restart my training and fulfill my dream. You all treated me so much like I was part of your family and I really really appreciate it. I don’t really have the words Don to express my thanks enough to you but I promise to make you proud as soon as I can return to training.

Mrs.Diane my dad has always taught me that true friends and great people are hard to find. However I found lots of that when you and Don welcomed me at your home. You literally gave me the coat off you back and for that I will be forever indebted to you. You really made me laugh and I loved being with you all.

D], I until now, only had the movies I have seen and the discovery channel as a picture of what a real seal would be like. You are the coolest dude in the world, not only because you are a seal but because you are truly a great person. I know my dad is soft about my situation sometimes but I will be a seal one day. You, Ben and Luke are my heroes. I really appreciate what you do for our country every day and it makes me sick to hear people talk crap when they have no idea of the sacrifices you all make. I only hope that I will be honored enough to stand by your side in the near future as one of you guys.

Don you are the coolest kick ass guy in the world. Thank you for everything that you have done for me I can only hope that you know that my thank you is from the very bottom of my heart. I know that I am young and have tons to learn but I also am smart enough to know that you didn’t have to do all that you have for me. I am forever indebted to you and I hope you allow me to remain close to you forever. I cried all the way home because I missed you guys and didn’t want to come home. No one has ever been as nice to me as you all have. Thanks.

P.S. The helicopter ride was the freakin coolest!

P.S.S. I had dad send a couple of my pictures from motocross, could you show them to DJ and the guys?

To the October class every one in that class was great. I’m not sure if you noticed but even though they were tired from you kicking their butts all day long, when they came in to eat and I was near them they all offered there seat to me. That may not mean anything to most people but to me it meant more than you will ever know. They were some tough and cool dudes and I wish them all the best in everything they do in life.

Dillon Kincaid

Dillon has been back to Extreme SEAL many times and as early as April 2016 where he finished the demanding Advanced Operator Training. By phone, Diane asked Dillon how he was getting here for the course. Dillon at 19 lives a few hours away.

Dillon made the mistake of telling Diane he was riding his motorcycle here. Diane replied "You CAN’T COME if you ride that damn thing, you given us enough scares over the years!"  Dillon elected to drive his truck instead.

Today he is Cancer free and we hope it continues.

Don Shipley