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About Us

I met Diane while we both served in the United States Navy onboard the USS McKee in San Diego. I was teaching a class while she was talking and I quickly told the beautiful blond to SHUT UP or come up and teach the class herself.

Later... She approached and said "Are you going to ask me out? That was 37 years ago.

I became a SEAL shortly after meeting Diane, retiring after 24 years and spending half our marriage separated with deployments overseas.

We raised our son and daughter on our small farm in Chesapeake, Virginia while I was assigned to SEAL Team Two.

My son joined the Navy at 17 and became a Navy SEAL. My daughter married a Navy SEAL.

I contracted with Blackwater in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but Diane and I were again separated. We bought numerous houses, duplex’s and apartment complexes with money earned from Blackwater and we bought smart and did well in Real Estate.

Tiring of rehabbing houses, we began a civilian SEAL Training course, Extreme SEAL that became widely successful. We ran courses for ten years and safely trained over 3000 men from all over the world.

Getting older and needing a change, we began a mini YouTube type membership site to further expose the thousands of Fake Navy SEAL Imposters we successfully outed by creating "Phony Navy SEAL of the Week" on our membership site  

Diane and myself painfully decided to end Extreme SEAL Experience and retire. But in retirement we formed Extreme SEAL Adventures and I can’t think of anything else either of us would rather do.

Diane and I have many years of experience feeding, housing and entertaining and we throw one HELL of a party.

We are exceptionally suited to host those that need to forget their troubles for awhile on our Maryland property, Warriors Rest.

I’ll take the guys hunting and Diane will do what she’s done for so many of "Her Boys" for so many years, be a Mom to everyone and cook those birds we bring home...

Diane and myself have been successful at everything we’ve touched through HARD work, dedication and attention to the smallest details.

Extreme SEAL Adventures will be our crowning achievement... Watch us grow...