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Welcome to Extreme SEAL Adventures!

Extreme SEAL Adventures is a nonprofit organization created by Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley and his wife Diane Shipley. Our mission is to provide support through Hunting and Fishing to Boys and Girls with Cancer and other Illnesses who will never be able to serve in the Military and to Combat Injured Military Veterans who have served.

Extreme SEAL Adventures is our way to give back after many years of success running Extreme SEAL Experience Training courses and our video website

The property we acquired is 80 beautiful waterfront acres of hard woods and farmland complete with two large floodable Duck Hunting Impoundments, four water hunting blinds, 11 field blinds and two offshore waterfowl hunting blinds currently.

The hard woods and fields are PACKED with Whitetail Deer and Turkeys and also boasts a 500 meter long Slough (Slew) in the middle of the hard woods that provides excellent Teal and Wood Duck hunting for fast shooting in close quarters in the dark flooded timber.

Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in Cambridge, the Worlds Capital for Canada Goose Hunting.

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